You should note that happiness is a choice that comes from within. Here are some steps you can take if you desire to lead a happy life. Everybody has a responsibility of choosing how to lead his life. It is important to note that happiness is a choice that you have to make. The circumstances in your life should not make you live an unhappy life. Some of these conditions may be quite miserable, but you can still decide to live happily. 

Happiness Is A Choice

Fact: Happiness Is A Choice!

Happiness is a choice! It is not good to be at the mercy of the events, feelings, and emotions that come your way. You can still choose to be happy even during the hardest moments in your life. You should not get the approval of other people for you to be happy. Being happy is a choice that you have to create or make by yourself.

Things that people do or say about us should not determine our happiness. You should not let the affirmation or actions of other people dictate your happiness. Individuals can inspire you, but they should never dictate your level of happiness. Being in control of your feelings implies that you can choose to lead a happy life. It’s good to make up your mind to lead a happy life despite the things that happen to you.

Happiness Comes From Within

You should also believe that the happiness comes from within. There is no way you can lead a happy life unless you change the way you look at problems. One thing we should appreciate is that you can never live a problem free life. However, the way you view challenges that come your way will determine your level of happiness. Attitude is all about the way you look at things. You can make a choice to be happy, but if your attitude is not right, you will still find yourself being unhappy.

In fact, the problems that come your way change once you change the way you view them. It implies that happiness is a state of mind that you need to address. The way you react to challenges creates the state of mind. If you let the problems take over, they will affect you negatively. It’s good to acknowledge the problem and work towards finding a solution without letting it empower you.

How we feel about challenges in life does not change them. What makes the difference is the way we react to our problems. We should know that happiness is a choice and we no need to spend a lot of time thinking about our problems. It does not imply that we are running away from the problem. It can be very stressful and unhealthy to think about a problem the whole day. The best approach is to spend the right time finding a solution. If you can’t do anything about a problem, it’s pointless to get hungry or harbor worries. You should not allow anything to destroy your sense of happiness.

Happiness Is A State of Mind

Moreover, happiness is a state of mind. We can define happiness as a mental state of well-being that we create by positive emotions. Edmund Spenser says that it is the spirit that makes poor or wealthy, happy or wretch, and good of evil. The state of mind is a psychological state that is temporary. It refers to the intellectual and emotional content of our mind at a given time. We can either create our state of mind or allow external factors that influence us to determine it.

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The state of mind can either be negatively un-resourceful or positively resourceful. We can choose to be excited, joyful, or distraught just to name a few. We need to create healthy and enabling states such as confidence, happiness, joy and love in our mind. You should eliminate bad or paralyzing states of mind like sadness, anxiety, fear and depression. We portray a particular behavior depending on our current situation.

Harboring a bad or negative state of mind will make you unhappy. It means that you will view the world depending on your inner state of mind. The best way to be happy is maintaining a positive state of mind. You should always strive to change your state from a bad one to a good one. You can achieve this by replacing your negative thought with positive ones. It’s good to learn how to control our mental state or mood.

Sometimes changing your physical state can alter the state of mind. You can achieve this by paying more attention to your breathing, going for a walk or jogging. We can also modify the state of mind by replacing our negative thoughts with positive ones. Happiness is a state of mind, and you cannot live happily without it. Therefore, happiness is a choice and it comes from within, and you need to work towards achieving the goal.

The Key to Happiness is Gratitude

What is the key to happiness? We should never take things for granted and be grateful for everything we have. Gratitude is the key that unlocks our unhappiness. Most people are unhappy because they pay more attention to what they want and forget about what they have. You will find out that you have so much in comparison to what you need. You will feel more happy and content once you begin to practice gratitude. The fact that you are alive and healthy should make you grateful.

Most people have a misconception that it is happiness that makes an individual thankful. The truth of the matter is that gratitude brings joy. Gratitude is one of the emotions that create a positive state of mind. It’s very easy to forget because the human nature always wants more. Being grateful is another choice that you need to make. Always be thankful in the morning as you wake up and in the evening before you go to bed. Always be thankful for the good health and life that you have on a daily basis. You should get into a hospital one day, and you will discover that you have so much to give thanks.

You should also practice gratitude during the day. For example, you should always say thank you whenever you are traveling, and you reach your destination safely. I have learned to appreciate some of the small things most people overlook. Happiness is not a destination but rather a continuous process. You need to practice it every minute you are alive. Moreover, you also need to think of something you are grateful of and keep on recalling it now and then.

You can create a gratitude list and use it to empower your state of mind on a daily basis. It will confirm that real happiness comes from within. You should not wait to get what you want for you to be happy. You may end up being unhappy for the rest of your life. Only start by appreciating what is already at your disposal. The advantage of putting down in writing is that it makes you discover that you have so much to be thankful. A great feeling of gratitude can make you overflow with tears. You will have a beautiful feeling in your heart and the inside.

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Remember that happiness is a choice, you can always find something good to meditate upon even when you are going through a terrible moment. You should never be in a hurry while thinking about the good things. Take your time and meditate upon your life. You will discover that you have so much, and the only thing you can do is to give thanks.

Happiness Is Not A Destination

Other than that, you should also know that happiness is not a destination. The best way to enhance your happiness is living in the present. Residing in the past can never make you happy. You will keep on regretting the mistakes that you made in life if you live in the past. The best way forward is to learn from those mistakes and live right now. You can never control your mind if you live in the past. The truth of the matter is that we direct most of our thoughts to the past or the future. This only hinders us from fully living in the present.

When you live outside the present, then you are not in touch with life. Make sure your mind and body are doing the same thing by living a day at a time. You should align and connect your body to your mind if you want to lead a happy life. It allows you to understand what is happening around you and inside. You can live in the present by being mindful. It implies that you need to be aware of what you are doing at any time. Both the mind and the body should connect to the same things.

When you pay more attention to the future, you will feed your thoughts with a lot of worries. There is no way you will be happy if you are a worried person. Happiness is a choice, and you should decide to live now.

Finding Happiness Within Yourself

Happiness is a choice, and you can find it within yourself! The modern society is so materialistic that we buy things not because we need them but because we want to be happy. Business people keep on gaining as we seek temporary pleasure. We buy so many things and end up not appreciating them in the long run. When we can’t afford to purchase what we want, we get unhappy because our colleagues have them. Such instances can make someone develop an inferior feeling.

We should avoid buying new things to make us happy. It’s important to note that pleasure is temporal happiness. In fact, we have so many simple and free things that can make us feel good. The challenge we have is that we don’t notice such things. We need to focus more on these simple things that we can achieve.

Another thing that can make us happy is allowing the powerful force of love to dwell in our hearts. We need to begin by appreciating what we are. You should never expect to receive love from outside if you don’t appreciate who you are. You need to eat properly, get enough sleep, exercise daily, avoid bad habits that abuse our body, and dedicate some time to yourself. It is simply loving and taking good care of your body. There is no way you will love and take care of others unless you love yourself.

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You need to be social if you want to lead a happy life. Apart from spending time with yourself, you need to allocate enough time with friends. However, you should make sure that these are people who add value to your life. Staying a lonely life can make you sad and unhappy. Hang around people who respect you, appreciate you, and make you feel happy. You should not isolate yourself from others because you are feeling unhappy with yourself. At such a time, you need to stay around many people who can motivate you to feel happy. Time spend with people assists us to grow and learn.

You also need to have a purpose in life if you are pursuing happiness. Life without a purpose lacks direction and can make you miserable. Having a purpose gives you a vision of life. One of your goals in life should be to pursue happiness. You need to have a clear definition of your purpose and live it. A mission gives you more fulfillments in life, feels your life with joy and enthusiasm, gives you focus and direction, and assists you to succeed. Therefore, having a purpose in life will make you happy by adding meaning to life.

Again, happiness is a choice, you can get happy by doing good things to others. Doing good things assists in developing positive emotions. You feel a lot of satisfaction from your actions. You can also live a happy life if you decide to pursue the spiritual paths. Feed your spirit with the right dose and you will live happily. Following your religion gives you enough time to meditate and reduce stress.

Happiness Can Be Found

Finally, you should know that happiness is a choice and it can be found. You can never lead a happy life unless you know what makes you unhappy. There is no way you will find a solution to the unknown. Search your spirit and seek to understand why you are sad. Stop bothering yourself with things that are out of your control. They will make you feel unhappy, yet there is nothing you can do about them. With this in mind, I know you have all it takes to live happily. Remember we said that happiness is a choice and the earlier you make it, the better.

Written By: Editorial Team
Written By: OKLifeCoaching's Editorial Team

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