Several individuals keep asking themselves how important is sex in a relationship? It is tough to answer this question because relationships are very diverse. Both men and women view the importance of sex in a relationship from different perspectives. Some people who cannot date you if they feel that you have no intention to have sex with them. However, you need to be extremely keen before engaging in sex with your partner if you are not married. Some people have a tendency of using their partners and dumping them.

How Important Is Sex In A Relationship

How Important Is Sex In A Relationship For A Woman

To be more specific, this section will address how important is sex in a relationship for a woman. Some men pay little attention to the needs of a woman while having sex. You will realize that women also need to enjoy the sexual experience. Here are some reasons why sex is important for women in a romantic relationship.

Sex Is A sign Of Passion

Relationships typically exist between lovers or best friends. Most women regard sex as a sign of passion and love. You may count yourself to be just dating a friend if you are in a sexless relationship. Both partners in a relationship require passion. Sexiness and excitement bring passion into your relationship. The best way to keep passion in a relationship alive is having sex with your partner. Having sex makes your relationship fun and stimulating.

Keeping The Connection Alive

Sex plays a critical role in making both your partner and you jubilant. Sexual intercourse promotes reassurance, intimacy, and shows your partner that you really need him. It assures your partner that you have enough time for him. Having sex in a relationship is a form of communication that enhances the connection between partners. It gives your significant other an assurance that you still love him and everything is okay even if life has its stresses.

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Having Sex Makes You Feel Happy

People who have sex more often tend to be happier than those who don’t. Sexual intercourse comes with a fresh feeling of happiness to both men and women. It’s like it puts an extra pep in your step. Sex gives you a greater positive attitude towards yourself and boosts your self-confidence.

Sleep Tight

Sex will make someone have a better sleep. It makes a woman feel as if a load is off his shoulders. Having sex at night will make a person sleep like a baby. After having sex, your body releases a chemical that is known as oxytocin. The chemical plays a critical role in assisting you to have a sound sleep. Sex is the best treat that you can award your partner before he or she sleeps.

Relieving Stress

Sex plays a critical role in relieving stress to both parties. The experience releases hormones such as endorphins that make someone have a feeling of excitement. If your woman seems to be undergoing some stress, just try and offer her sex. You may discover that sex is the only medicine the both of you need. It may divert your mind from the stressors for some time.

How Important Is Sex In A Relationship For A Man

It’s also important to look at how important is sex in a relationship for a man. Some of these points may seem to be a repetition. You will discover that men attach more value to sex than women.

Sex Keeps Men Close To Their Partners

Even if you had a fight the previous day, sexual intercourse could assist to rebuild that connection. Being together physically implies that you are together in the mind. Sex helps in building strong bonds between lovers. It is the best way to show that you love each other. Words alone cannot convince a man that you care for him. Sex will assist your man to realize that your alignment is towards being a couple. Having sex gives the man the reassurance that the existing bond is alive.

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Sex Unites A Man To Unite With His Woman

Sex unites partners even when they have disagreements, or everything else is stressful. A man will immediately sense a problem when there is no sex in his relationship. A man will always look towards a long term relationship if you are always willing to have sex with him. It makes him feel that you are reading from the same page.

The Male Ego Has Attachments On Sex

The ego of a man is usually very fragile. Men tie their ego to sex because it keeps them going and motivates them. Men take it very personal when a woman denies him a chance to have sex. As a man, you will have a belief that sex is the best way to please your woman. The first Sexual intercourse with a woman lives a man feeling that he is a conqueror. It’s good just to have sex with your man to satisfy his ego.

Sex Keeps The Relationship Long And Healthy

Most men like it when women make sex as a priority. However, there are several decisions that partners have to make on a daily basis. The sexual desire for females is not usually as high as that of men. However, for the longevity and health of your relationship, you need to give sex the priority it deserves. Most people go out because they don’t receive enough sexual satisfaction from their partners. Sex helps in couple binding, promoting healing, reducing blood pressure, and relieving anxiety and stress just to name a few. The route course of most relationship problems is sex though they may manifest in other forms.

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Men Love Fantasies

Most men enjoy sharing their fantasies even though they fear that their women may judge or shame them. You should encourage your man to speak his heart out. You can reveal what you think is in his mind. In the end, you will discover that most men love having sex.


After going through this article, you will realize that sex plays a critical role in a relationship. However, you need to trade with a lot of care especially if you are not married. You need to set boundaries on the dos and don't to avoid regrets in the future. Some marriage counselors will tell you that you should not rush into sex if you are not married. However, couples should fully satisfy the sexual demands of their partners. Hope the article answers you question on how important is Sex in a Relationship.

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