Relationship goals are imperative when it comes to determining the operations of a couple. Some couples avoid setting the goals together because they think it’s a source of conflicts for them. The truth of the matter is that lack of common couple goals is the primary source of conflicts. It’s good to start setting your goals when you are still dating.

This article focuses on most common, funny, sex, short term and long term relationship goals. The primary role of this article is to assist you to appreciate the role of goals in building a stable relationship. You should note that vision is what gives you the energy to face tomorrow. In addition, a couple that fails to plan is simply planning to fail.

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Top 6 Relationship Goals Examples

Here are the top six relationship goals examples that are actually worth to achieve it.

#1: Enhancing Your Listening Skills

Most couples live in unhappy marriages because either one or both of them does not have time to listen to the other partner. Therefore, proper listening is one of the goals that any individuals in a relationship should develop. You should always give your partner time to express his or her opinion. Poor listening can lead to the lack of understanding or miscommunication which is harmful to any relationship. Listening is among critical relationship goals that no couple should miss.

#1: Enhancing Your Listening Skills

Remember the views of both of you are vital in the decision-making process. One person should not have dominion over the other when it comes to family decisions. However inferior you may think the contribution of your partner is, always give them time to table their input. You should also learn to listen to your partner whenever they are going through stressing moments. You may be the only solution to that situation.

Listen carefully and encourage or advise your partner accordingly. If your partner has unresolved issues with you, pay attention and promise to change for the good. Brushing off the views of your spouse can kill a relationship that was flourishing well. The best gift you can give to your partner is a listening ear whenever they have something to express.

#2: Financial

Finances are a major source of conflicts for many relationships. Transparency in financial management is central when it comes to setting relationship goals. Couples should understand that whatever they earn should build and not break their relationship. You cannot achieve proper financial management unless you have set your goal well.

#2: Financial Goals

As a couple, you need to plan for whatever you earn together. Analyze your needs versus your current income. You need to allocate your resources to your needs as a family. Such an approach will avoid any blame games when it comes to inappropriate allocation of resources. It is critical to share the responsibility and of resource allocation. It’s advisable to sit on the table and plan for your finances as a family. Setting relationship goals without planning for family resources is a waste of time.

#3: Career

Everyone has career objectives right away from childhood. You should set your relationship goals in such a way that they align with your career objectives. It’s appalling for you to marry someone and kill their career. A good relationship should enhance the career of both parties.

#3: Career Goals

You need to understand the career objectives of your partner and include them in your long term plan. Remember the achievement of your partner translates to the success of your family. You need to set aside some resources as a family to support your career objectives. A good relationship should not make your job stagnant. However, you should not pay a lot of attention to your career and forget about your family.

You need to strike a balance between family and career relationship goals. Remember you spend more time awake in the office more than home. Decide the best time to further your studies without neglecting your family. Your job is relatively important because it adds to the income of your family. Remember you cannot feed on love and hence you need an income generating activity.

#4: Investment

As a family, you need to plan for your long term goals together. You should not wait until you get the required resources for you invest. You can start planning for your future even as you date. Put down what you would like to achieve as a couple. Make sure you state when you would like to accomplish these goals.

#4: Investment Goals

You need to think of major goals like investing in real estate, owning a home, purchasing a car, opening a business, or farming just to name a few. You can visit a professional to assist you with developing a blueprint of what you want. Remember to suggest the possible sources of funds for your desired goals. Make sure you come up with workable proposals that can improve the worth of your relationship.

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There are some major goals like going for a mortgage that you should not make alone. Such goals will affect your disposable income in the long run. It’s advisable to analyze the pros and cons of any investment decision as a family before you invest. You cushion yourself against any form of blame in case of failure. It’s good to set some of these goals when you are still dating. Fixing some things when you are already in marriage may be tricky.

#5: Recreational Activity

Most couples have to plan for leisure activities together. Remember you have different desires and it’s good to allow your partner to bring his suggestion. Recreation may begin from simple activities like visiting a local museum or flying to another country. The process entails allocation of family resources, and both parties have to participate.

#5: Recreational Goals

Remember addressing recreational needs has financial implications on the family. You also need to agree on when to go as a couple and when to carry along your kids. Recreation is important because it helps in strengthening family ties. You should always plan for this at the beginning of every year. Some couples find themselves going for walkouts without including in their relationship goals. You should set aside some miscellaneous funds to cater for such instances.

#6: Number Of Children

One of the main reasons that bring people together is for recreation purposes. You will rarely come across two adults who come together when they already wish to have an equal number of children. The number of kids is a critical issue that you need to address before walking down the aisle. Never assume that you will talk about this once you are married. The probability that you will agree on this issue after marriage is close to zero.

#6: Number Of Children

You need to reach an agreement on how long it will take you to get your first kid after the wedding. Moreover, you also have to decide on the number of children during dating and set the spacing of your kids on time. Some couples prefer to give birth naturally while others prefer to go for a caesarean section. You have to agree on the mode of delivery unless determined otherwise by a medical practitioner.

We also have some couples who prefer adopting kids instead of giving birth naturally. Agree on such issues because they are very crucial when it comes to setting relationship goals. If need be, decide on the sex of the children you intend to have. It may be hard to determine, but you can present a proposal. If the worst goes to the worst, you may find one of you being infertile. You can break your relationship if you don’t agree on such issues early enough. Put in place a clear road-map to follow in case one of you lacks the ability to bear children.

TOP 4 Most Common Relationship Goals

What are the most common relationship goals? We have several relationship goals that can assist you to enhance the success and longevity of your love. A new day means something different for every relationship. There is no way you will succeed unless you clearly define the goals of your relationship. The most common relationship goals revolve around learning how to communicate efficiently and self-improvement. In this section, we are going to focus on some of the most common relationship goals that most couples set for their relationship.

Most Common Relationship Goals #1: Spend More Time Together

With better motivation and proper time management skills, you can set a goal to spend quality time together. You can decide to enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner together, participate in an event that both of you share the interest, and have a picnic in the park. The primary objective should be to spend some time together from your familiar home environment. The house if full of responsibilities and it’s good to have some time away from the children and house chores.

Most Common Relationship Goals #1: Spend More Time Together

Spending time together will assist you to learn your partner better. You can also get quality time to iron out any differences you could be having. Apart from relaxing, spending time together can assist you to evaluate how far you have gone as a couple and what you need to do to improve. Therefore, spending quality time together falls among the common relationship goals that no couple should miss. Time management is a major goal that can assist you to achieve other objectives in your relationship.

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Most Common Relationship Goals #2: Clear Communication

Communication is one of the buildings blocks of a stable relationship. You should never leave any chances for the communication process within your marriage. It explains why clear communication falls among the common relationship goals that couples set. The communication process assists individuals who are dating for the first time, relating college students and even couples that have been married for over 50 years.

Most Common Relationship Goals #2: Clear Communication

One of the challenges that face couples is that they hold on their feelings. You need to agree on how to talk to your partner especially when you are hurt. It will ensure that you don’t damage the relationship further by expressing your concerns. You should lay down a clear strategy of resolving your problems. Communication is a simple aspect that most people tend to forget while meeting new people, dating, or even staying married. The truth of the matter is that bottled up emotions can swell into a big problem that can break up the relationship. You can avoid such arguments by setting up clear communication goals.

One of the things the things that strengthen the bond between couples is communication. You could be holding onto things that don’t exist just because you don’t express your feelings. You should include discussions on your relationship goals from the first day you start dating and throughout your marriage. Talking to your partner freely and in a respectful manner means that you respect him or her and want the best for your relationship. You should not allow any communication barrier to exist within your relationship.

Most Common Relationship Goals #3: Stay Truthful

Cheating on your partner is one of the things that are a relationship killer. Most people cheat because of the existing problems in the relationship. It’s good to set a goal that will ensure that everybody is comfortable, and there is no motivation to move out of the marriage or relationship. The worst form of deception is when it comes to intimate relations. However, couples need to be transparent with their finances. Sex and financial management come on the top of the list for things that partners hide from each other.

Most Common Relationship Goals #3: Stay Truthful

You need to set goals that ensure that both of you are transparent in all your dealings. It’s harder to forgive unfaithfulness in a relationship than any other mistake. Couples should have a clear goal to handle this aspect in their relationship. Whereas communication forms the building blocks of any relationship, trust is the foundation. There is no need to lie or stretch the truth for the sake of impressing your partner. The truth of the matter is that you cannot lie to someone who is close to you forever. Allow your partner to love you the way you are and work towards becoming a better person.

Most Common Relationship Goals #4: Make Physical Improvements

Whereas your religious leaders will tell you to concentrate on the inner beauty, the truth of the matter is that you cannot reside with someone who is not physically attractive. Shape your partner into someone you would like to see every morning as you wake up and every evening as you go to bed. You need a partner you won’t feel ashamed to take a walk together. Therefore, physical appearance falls among the common relationship goals. Make sure that your partner is not more attracted to outsiders than you.

Most Common Relationship Goals

Most couples understand that they will enhance their relationship when they keep on improving their physique and body. You will come across relating individuals increasing their body mass, toning down the body, and losing weight just to name a few. When you achieve these goals, you feel better about yourself, and this enhances the connection you share with your loved ones. The truth of the matter is that high self-esteem and confidence create decent aphrodisiacs. Be the perfect person your partner would like to admire but don’t overdo makeups. This objective may sound petty, but it should not miss on your list of relationship goals.

Sex Relationship Goals

What are your sex relationship goals? Intimacy Goals - this may indeed sound funny, but it’s an important point when it comes to setting relationship goals. One thing that could be going through your mind is whether you should decide on the number of times to have sex. That is why I categorize this on funny relationship goals. In case you are a marriage counselor, you will bear witness that the marriage bed is a source of several marriage conflicts and divorces.

Sex Relationship Goals

Sex relationship goals may sound strange, but you need to set clear goals on your intimacy pattern. You may not come up with a timetable, but satisfaction should be at the center stage. Remember most people go out of marriage because they don’t receive sexual pleasure. Aim to understand the sexual needs of your partner and try your level best to meet them. However, each partner should know especially when the other person has genuine reasons to avoid intimacy. You also have to understand how to prepare your partner for sex. Addressing sex needs is challenging, and it varies from one relationship to another.

Short Term Couple Goals

All the couple goals that we have discussed in this article can either be short term or long term objectives. The primary purpose of short term couple goals is to address the day to day needs of the relationship. These are the obligations that the couple should keep on meeting on a daily, monthly or annual basis. We have both financial and non-financial couple goals that any couple needs to address.

Short Term Couple Goals

Some of the short term couple goals include recurrent budget needs such as food, school fees for children, insurance cover for the car, small recreational activities just to name a few. You don’t require an extended period to implement these goals. Another characteristic of short term goals is that you cannot satisfy them fully. They keep on recurring now and then, and you cannot postpone them.

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Short term couple goals may appear to be less costly, but they are extremely expensive in the long run. A couple should set aside enough funds to meet some of these needs. Some couples set long-term investment plans like insurance covers to cater for future short term goals. For example, you may take an education or medical cover to settle future medical and education bills. A couple that does not set clear short term goals may find themselves in a financial crisis.

Long Term Couple Goals

Setting long term couple goals as a couple is an indication that you have a great vision for your future. You need a clear roadmap on where you want to be at a given moment. You need to lay down these goals before you enter marriage. Some of the couple goals may include buying land, purchasing a car, owning a business, real investment, and career goals just to name a few.

Long Term Short Term Couple Goals

Long term goals are important when it comes to enhancing the wealth of your family. These couple goals are a bit expensive, and you need to identify the possible sources of funds. Long term couple goals call for a lot of sacrifices since you need to deny yourself some pleasures for you to realize these objectives. You have to analyze your financial position before investing in the long run. A couple that does not have common goals will spend all their income from hand to mouth.


The process of setting goals is very critical for the success of any organization. Marriage is a vital institution whose principal directors are the couples. A couple that does not have relationship goals can achieve minor success. The common goals for couple enhance the social and financial well-being of any relationship. Running a marriage without their common goals is like driving a car without a driver. You can never tell when you will land yourself in a ditch. The challenge is that you may find yourself in a position where getting out is quite tricky. Setting and implementing relationship goals is a joint responsibility that should never be the task of one individual.

Relationship Goals Setting

To ensure that your "projects" succeed, you need to have an elaborate "document" that sites your relationship goals. It also avoids conflicts in the family as you share the responsibility of assigning family resources to various uses. You should not wait until you get the cash before you set your relationship goals. You should set your relationship goals as early as when you are still dating. The only thing you need to do in the long run is a constant review of your relationship goals. Remember your sources of funds may be higher or lower than you expected and thus you need to adjust your relationship goals accordingly. I know you are now well equipped to set or review your goals as a family. In case you had no goals, I have to remind you that it’s better late than never.

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