Short Term Goals: The Simple Ways To Them Up

The term short term goals refer to those targets you can achieve very soon. These goals are very critical if you want to record success. You can set the goals at a personal or organizational level. This article focuses on a detailed description of short term goals. We also pay close attention to the process of setting short term goals and some short term goals examples. We also look at the benefits of the short term goals.

Short Term Goals


What Are Short Term Goals?

Do you know what are short term goals? They are personal or organizational objectives that you can achieve within one week, one month or even one year. These goals are vital for the day to day running of your life or organization. Short term goals comprise of those things that you can achieve very soon. Some short term goals may be components of your long term goals. For example, arriving to work early enough can make you get a promotion. You end up achieving your long term goal as a result of fulfilling the short term goals. Therefore, they may appear to be subtle but completing them can lead to significant accomplishments in life. Both short term and long term goals play a critical role in leading a successful life.

You don’t require a lot of time and resources to achieve short term goals. However, these goals are very expensive in the long run. You cannot realize this because they comprise of small but several budgets. Try calculating all the resources you have put in short term goals and you will discover that they exceed your long term goals. Short term goals are seen as stepping stones for greater achievements. This is why some scholars refer them to as enabling goals.


Short Term Goals Examples

Here are the several short term goals examples that you can take it as the references.

Short Term Goals Examples #1: Taking a Class

Taking a class that does not require a lot of time to complete is a perfect example of a short term goal. You may decide to go for a driving course or computer training. You can also undertake some short term professional courses that fit into your career. You can participate in these classes on a part-time or full-time basis. It is not very expensive to attend these classes. However, the results may give you a promotion in your place of work. Such short term goals add a lot of value to your life in the long run.

Short Term Goals Examples #2: Buying a Television

Another perfect example of a short term goal is planning to purchase a television. It should not take you a very long period to acquire a new TV set. You can save for very few months and be able to acquire a new TV. You can also decide to take a short term loan and use the funds to make your purchase. You don’t require a lot of time to analyze the market for the best TV you want to purchase. Short term goals for such products will assist you to avoid impulse buying.

Short Term Goals Examples #3: Writing a Resume

Most candidates don’t plan on writing their resume. This is an important aspect of life that should not miss on your short term goals. You can miss on very important aspects of life simply because you did not plan properly. You need to identify the best time to write your resume and whether you require professional assistance. This may appear to be a small task, but you will discover that it is very intensive. Set your goals and allocate enough time for writing your resume. A good resume can assist you to achieve your career objectives.

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Short Term Goals Examples #4: Get an A grade in Biology

You can plan at the begging of the academic year on which grade you want to get in a certain subject. You need to come up with a timetable that will assist you achieve these goals. Getting an A grade in biology may assist you to receive admission for the medical school you have been longing for. This is a proof that short term goals shape long term goals.


How To Set Short Term Goals?

You cannot set short term goals unless you have some tips on how to undertake the process. Some short term goals emanate from long term goals. All short term goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, accurate, reliable, and time bound). Here are some P’s to use while setting short term goals.

  • Prioritize: it’s worth noting that you can have and endless list of short term goals you need to work on at the same time. It’s good to concentrate on one or two short term goals a time. Trying several goals at the same time can land you in a ditch that you may not be able to get out. Put down everything you wish to attain by close of the year. You can now arrange those goals from the high priority to the lower-difficulty one. You need to start with the most important short term goals as you work downwards.
  • Present: you should always write your goals in the present tense. Psychologists argue that writing short term goals in present tense creates some form of urgency. It will also motivate you to work towards the achievement of the goal. You will leave a big room for procrastination if you begin your goals with the statement “I will”.
  • Positive: It’s advisable to state your goals using positive statements such as “I will…..I have……..I feel”. Such a phrase is more inspirational and effective for the individual. I’ll always advice you to work towards what you want to achieve than spending a lot of time avoiding something you would like to leave behind. Always make sure that you state your short term goals positively.
  • Precise: You need to be as specific as you can while setting your short term goals. You can never tell the steps you need to take if you state your goal in a vague or general manner. In addition, you can never tell if you have achieved your goal if its note precise. Remember you have to turn your goal into activities that you can measure. You need to make sure that your goal is as specific as you can. The best way to ensure that you have precise goals is to make them measurable.
  • Performance Bases: Once you have precise short term goals, you should ensure that they are performance based. The goals should have a realistic and definite deadline to allow you evaluate progress at specific time intervals. Having a time limit for your short time goals gives you a personal commitment you have to meet. Instead of using statements like I will achieve this objective someday be specific and set the exact time.
  • Practical: You need to ask yourself whether you have set realistic short term goals and whether they are in conflict with each other. The goal should be not only challenging enough to motivate you but also reachable to allow you achieve. You also need to ask yourself whether the goal is within your control or you entirely rely on other people to realize your objectives. You can bring your goal in line with reality my making little tweaks.
  • Personal: Some individuals set goals because they are pursuing something their parents want for them. You need to make sure that the goals have everything to do with you. There is no way you will have the motivation for a goal that results from external forces like parents and friends. The objective should be something that you really want. Your subconscious being will definitely sabotage your conscious effort if the goal does not originate from your inner heart-felt desires, beliefs, and values. If the goal is something that you really dream of, going through the goal statement is reason enough to motivate you into action.
  • Properly-rewarded: You can design a reward system for any achievement you make. You can get some gifts for yourself once you achieve some results. You don’t have to go for very expensive things. There are so many ways you can celebrate your success without spending a lot of money. This will motivate you to work on your goals on a daily basis. It makes you long for another day to implement your goals.
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Once you are aware of all these points, it comes a time to take action. Think of that objective you want to attain in the long run and break it into short term goals. All the short term goals should meet the requirements of the 7 P’s. Attach the relevant steps to each short time goal and start by picking the first step. Continuous review of the implementation process will assist you to take corrective actions that keep you on track.


Benefits Of Short Term Goals

What are the benefits of short term goals? Below is the list of benefits that you should read.

#1: Enhance productivity

Short term goals provide you with a clear roadmap of carrying out your activities. You are more likely to complete a task successfully if you put it down in the form of a goal. Recent surveys reveal that employees who plan for their time are more productive than those who have no plan. You need to plan for your working hours and vocational moments if you want to receive a promotion. Having short term goals will assist you to achieve more than when you lead an aimless life.

#2: Strengthen focus

Individuals have several responsibilities and obligations, and this may land them into the trap of trying to multi-task. You can quickly lose focus by spreading yourself too thin. Having short term goals can assist you to plan your activities and concentrate on the right tasks. These goals don’t require a lot of time, and you can put some things on hold as you focus on your goals.

#3: Maintain balance in Life

You will rarely come across an individual who is pursuing a single short term goal at any time. It implies that you have cut back on some things for you to realize other objectives in the short run. For example, situations may force you to minimize on your leisure time. Once you set your short term goals, you can make these sacrifices once in a while. Such a program will help you maintain a balance in life as these sacrifices are usually for a short period.

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#4: Manage stress

Focusing in the short run will assist you to manage stress that comes with pursuing goals. Stress is healthy for a short period because it motivates you to keep on moving. Stress becomes dangerous when it persists for a long time. Stress that continues for a long period can deplete your willpower, leads to burnout, and make you give up. Once you achieve your short term goal, you can take a break by relaxing and making sure you recover before embarking on a new set of short term goals.

#5: Sustain motivation

Most individuals lose motivation in the process of pursuing goals. You can begin with a very high level of motivation and then it starts to reduce after a few weeks. The best way to sustain your initial level of motivation is by setting short term goals. You will retain a high standard of motivation until you achieve the desired end.

#6: Increase Happiness

I have never come across an individual who is not happy when he or she makes progress. It’s very depressing to find yourself stuck, and you can’t move forward in life. It’s easier to monitor progress when you deal with short-term goals rather than long term ones. This is why it’s advisable to divide long term projects into short term goals. You will lead a happy life as long as you are focusing on short term goals.



Most people tend to believe that short term goals are less important. The truth of the matter is that you cannot achieve long term goals unless you pursue short term ones. Short term goals form the foundation and building blocks of long term projects. Therefore, you need to have a clear understanding of how to set short term goals. These targets come with a lot of benefits to the individual and organization. The aim of this article is to give you a better understanding of short term goals. In case you have not put your short term goals on paper, it’s a high time you take the first step. This article gives you all you require to plan for your life in the short run for you to achieve your lifetime experiences.


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