You cannot talk about success without focusing on Tai Lopez net worth. He is one of the successful people that we can learn from their life journey. He has a great story of a young self-made millionaire. His story reveals that you can make it in life irrespective of your beginning. The first section of this article will focus on Tai Lopez net worth and biography. The next section will be looking at his success story. You will realize that success entails thinking out of the box seizing any opportunity that comes your way.

Estimated Net Worth: $5 Million (2017)

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Tai Lopez Net Worth And His Biography

Tai Lopez net worth has received a lot of global attention from internet users. He is an American reality star, advisor, partner, consultant, and investor to more than 25 multi-billion dollar companies. Moreover, he is one of the most successful figures all over the world. He runs a podcast and book club, and he assembled the 67 steps collection of mentor shortcuts.’ This 67 steps program is the most successful product for this billionaire. Tai Lopez spent over two years living among the Amish before gaining a lot of fame. He is a college dropout who worked as a leper colony in India.

This investor was born on the 11th day of April 1981 in Los Angeles. Tai Lopez is a guru in selling infomercial products which he purports can allow you to create a lot of wealth and gain financial freedom. He made his first appearance on the Television while featuring on an episode of the first season of the famous reality show “The Millionaire Matchmaker.” He has an enormous following on social media sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

He spends most of his time reading to enhance his knowledge and he enjoys traveling all over the world. Some people claim that he is a scam while other love to his teachings and highly recommend his products. He has an estimated net worth of 5 million US dollars.

He is a certified financial partner, and more than 750,000 people are subscribers to his self-titled channel. Tai Lopez has created an official video entitled: Here is My Garage: Knowledge, Lamborghini: and several books with Tai Lopez that have over 65million views. The grandfather of this successful figure was a scientist, and he participated in an interview with Gay Vaynerchuk.

His 67 steps program would cost you only 10 dollars in the early stages of development. However, this price has multiplied several times now that his content has gone viral and he attracts a lot of media attention. He currently runs expensive in-person mentoring and online coaching programs. Tai Lopez net worth is quite high, and he owns a Maserati, Ferrari, and Lamborghini and resides in the Holly Wood Hills. He is also a member and author of MENSA: the high IQ society. According to him, he has successfully read over 5000 great books including Poor Dad Rich Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Tai Lopez’s Success Story

Tai Lopez was a self-made billionaire before attaining the age of 30. He began his wealth management lifestyle in the early 2000s with GE. The primary driving force was a good life which he has been chasing after all along. He after that started his personal wealth management company approximately four years after that until 2007. Currently, he is participating in several online businesses.

Tai Lopez became the owner of Elite Global Dating LLC in 2008. This website hosts several dating sites. This platform made Tai Lopez net worth to increase tremendously within a short period. However, some of the customer complaints on these platforms are what makes some people believe that he is a scam. However, most of his followers like listening to his teachings.

Some of the websites that LLC owns include,,,,,,,,,,,,, and just to name a few. All the IP addresses of these websites fall under the Elite Global Dating as the owner. Most of these websites share the same templates, IP addresses, or theme.

Apart from his dating business, he also has a YouTube channel and main website. He spends most of his time talking about his 67 steps program on these platforms. Users subscribe to these sites and pay a monthly fee for the mentorship program. Therefore, he generates most of his income from the mentorship and dating services that he offers.

From this discussion, you could be wondering what the 67 steps program entails. It is a video course in which Tai Lopez talks about his life lessons. He focuses on how to be a damn, adaptable, humble, get a mentor, ignore the 99 percent, grind it out, escape the salary mentality, lifelong learning, be tough and master your mind. He also elaborates on how you can build your strength, find something you like and not passion, be prepared and adapt the mentality of the investor.

Tai Lopez also focuses on the social chameleon, being a truth seeker, define your end, choose relationship wisely, spend time wisely, prioritize and do something. These talks are legit, and the author talks so much about the topic. However, some subscribers claim that he speaks so much about his life and repeats the same lessons in various subjects.


Tai Lopez has received a lot of attention when it comes to wealth creation. He is among the financial coaches who have an enormous online following. His success story originates from very humble beginnings. He owns several websites on his Elite Global Dating platform. He also has a 67 step mentoring program that has a lot of fame.

Most of his net worth came as a result of the subscription fee from these sites. However, his critics believe that he is a scam. Some of the followers claim that he charges them illegal monthly subscription fees. Others urge that he charges even after you unsubscribe to these services. However, he has a history of taking advantage of any opportunity that comes his way and thus becoming a great net worth mentor.

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