Life is very short, and you need to have a clear plan about things to do before 30. There are several things you need to accomplish before you hit 30. Most people tend to get married shortly before or after hitting 30. It implies that age 30 is a turning point for most individuals. Here are some of the things to do before turning 30 to avoid future regrets.

Things To Do Before 30

Great Things To Do Before 30

Here is the list of great things to do before 30. You can take it as the references.

#1: Spend More On Experiences And Not Material Stuff

It’s important to note that you will get more commitments as you grow old. It’s good to create some memories before you hit 30 because you will always have something to share in future. Your expensive watch or sunglasses can break over time. You may outgrow the beautiful jacket you purchase after some time. However, the entertaining experiences you have cannot get erased from your mind. Plan to visit a famous site or go to dancing once in a while. You may have limited opportunities to include such activities on your timetable in future. This is a crucial activity to include on your things to do before 30 lists.

#2: Give Back

You don’t have to wait to be in your sixties while surviving on your retirement benefits before you give back to the community. It’s good to appreciate the community where you grow when you still have all the energy. You can give the less privileged some form of assistance depending on your financial capability. Understanding that there is a person who can benefit from your paycheck will assist you to notice that it is better to give than receive. Giving back to the community should not miss on your list of things to do before 30. It’s more sacrificial when you spend on the other people the money you need for personal development that spending out of abundance.

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#3: Network

You should use your many years of schooling to create a vast network around yourself. The truth of the matter is that you may never tell when you will need all these people. Individuals who maintain extensive networks achieve so much in life. The best time to create useful social networks is during your high school and college life. You can visit so many places and climb the career ladder because of the human systems you maintain. Never hit 30 without a great network that can assist you to achieve your goals. Include a great social network on your things to do before 30 ambitions.

#4: Save For The Rainy Day

As you prepare your list of things to do before 30, you should remember to prepare for the rainy day. Your expenditure before 30 tends to be low and it’s the best time to save and invest for your future. After 30 you tend to have several responsibilities around you. The early you start saving the better so count your savings on the things to do before 30.

Important Things To Do Before Turning 30

Below are the five important things to do before turning 30:

#1: Set Goals

Another thing to do before 30 is to set your personal goals. Life is a spontaneous journey, but you always have a set of things you would like to achieve before you die. Human beings are more productive in their 30’s, and you need to set these objectives early enough. You cannot set your goals today and expect to implement them tomorrow. Setting both long term and short term goals early in life assists you to remain disciplined and follow through the objectives. When you decide to accomplish something, you will do anything possible to realize your dreams. Set your goals early in life so that by the time you reach 30 you concentrate on implementation.

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#2: Focus On What You Are Good At

The best time to identify your talent and nurture it is when you are under 30. As you look for the things to do before 30, pay close attention to your skills because they will compliment your career. If its music, learn how to play the piano or guitar early enough. If it's painting, practice that art when in your 20’s. After you hit 30, you will only be implementing the skills you already possess.

#3: Make Sure You Date

As you prepare a list of things to do before 30, make sure dating is part of them. The best way to discover who you are is by relating intimately to the opposite sex. You will identify your strengths and weaknesses during both your good and bad times. Dating has a way of shaping individuals into responsible members of the community. It gives you an opportunity to tolerate with the weaknesses of your friend. You may date people who may abandon you at some point. All dating experiences will assist you to make better marriage decisions. You get to learn new things about the opposite sex you would never know if you didn’t date.

#4: Find Out What You Believe In

There is an inner driving force within every individual. It could be your religion, money, and family among others. You will always fight for whatever you believe in, and it will determine the kind of life you lead. It’s good to have a clear picture of the kind of life you want for yourself because it will the way you live. You need to identify what you believe in as you set your things to do before 30.

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#5: Relax

At early ages in life, it’s good to get some time and just relax. This is the only time you have full control of your life. After 30, you will have so many things that dictate your lifestyle, and you may not have enough time to relax. Use your single life to relax and enjoy the life of your youth. The only thing you need to ensure is that you don’t overindulge in unwanted activities.


Some people may say better late than never, but there are some things you don’t need to be late. The decisions you make early in life will determine the kind of person you will be in future. The decisions you make before you attain age 30 will not only shape your career but also ascertain the kind of family you will have. This article provides you with a list of things to do before 30. All these things have a lifetime effect on the individual. You need to follow this advice if you want to lead a successful social and economic life.

Written By: Editorial Team
Written By: OKLifeCoaching's Editorial Team

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