Things To Do With Your GirlfriendWhat are the great things to do with your girlfriend? You will rarely come across any person who is not longing for love. There are so many things that can inspire and motivate you. Such things will add excitement and spice to your relationship. You only need to be creative and adventurous in your endeavor to find out what are the things that you can do with your girlfriend.

You will no longer experience dull and boring outings with your girlfriend. The best way to nourish your relationship is to find out new & exciting things to do together with your girlfriend. This article focuses on the fun, cute, sexual and other exciting things to do with your girlfriend. You will also find some great things to do with no money. At the end of this article, you will be able to come up with an endless to-do list with your girlfriend.

6 Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Here is the list of fun things to do with your girlfriend that you should try!

1. Assist Her In Doing Her Chores

There is nothing that is as good as helping your love lady in carrying out her daily chores. There is no need to lazy around the house as while your lover is busy slaving around with her chores. Offering assistance is among the sweet things to do together with your girlfriend.

2. Buy Her Something Little

Buy her something small that will make her happy. Most ladies don’t require very expensive gifts from their men. You can choose to buy her a handkerchief that has her favorite colors or flowers. Such a small thing can drive your woman crazy.

3. Complete Her Shopping List

You can sit down with your girlfriend and get to understand what she wants to accomplish during the month, year, or even her lifetime. You can assist her in striking some of the things from the list once you know her thoughts. It’s also good to assist her in laying strategies that will assist her achieve those goals. Giving her an assurance of your full support is among the fun things you can do together with her. She will understand that she has a boyfriend who has a great concern for her future.

4. Give Her A Spa Treat

It’s so amazing to gift your girlfriend with a Spa-gate pass or card. You can decide to spend the time together with her in the Spa. She will spend the rest of her day thinking about you and the treat. No man should exclude this from his couple’s to-do list. Remember ladies value beauty and appearance more than anything else.

5. Offer Her The Last Chip

Most people desire to take the last chip of the potato even if they are already full. As a gentleman, you should always give this chance to your lover. Never eat together and take the last chip of the potato. It’s so romantic to have your girlfriend take the last bite. This action may appear to be a very small gesture, but it’s a sacrifice that will make her love you more.

6. Paint Her A Portrait

You don’t have to be an artist for you to paint a picture for your girlfriend. You can sketch a picture for her on a piece of paper as both of you lazy around one evening. Drawing is the simplest thing to do with your girlfriend. You will realize that she will appreciate the product irrespective of the quality of the picture. Such images will also remind her of the good times in the years to come.

6 Cute Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Looking for some ideas about the cute things to do with your girlfriend? Here is the list for you:

7. Take Her For A Holiday

You cannot exhaust your couple’s to-do list if taking her for a holiday is not one of them. Plan a secret romantic weekend or vacation to a place she has always desired to visit or loves visiting. However, you need to find ways of confirming her availability on that day. You can prepare her mind for a smaller thing to ensure that she is available but surprise her with a beautiful day.

8. Remember Her Dates

Girls will always adore boyfriends who remember their dates. You should never be too busy for your lover if you are searching for the things that you can do with your girlfriend. You can decide to get her a flower or a card to make each one of them memorable.

9. Drop Her A Love Note 

Dropping a note may sound a bit crazy, but it is among the best things to do with her. Just write a small love letter and drop it on her bed. You can also text her when she least expects to hear from you. You can also send her a link to a good romantic song and tell her that it’s a special dedication. This message will sound cool especially if it’s not part of your lifestyle. Hope you will include this on your couple’s to-do list.

10. Keep In Mind Some Of The Little Things 

You should never overlook some of the small things you do to your girlfriend. Things like holding her hand as you cross or walk down the street add a lot of value to your relationship. You may never understand how it feels to assist her in carrying the grocery bag. You can also let to her the best view wherever you are by offering her a better seat. All these simple things show that you are mindful of you girlfriend. You should not always think of complicated stuff. Some of the things that appear to be small go a long way in cementing your relationship.

11. Take Her Out

Simply inform your girlfriend to dress up and let her know that you are taking her for a candle dinner that evening. I can assure you that you will win lots of love more than ever before.

12. Gift Her A Pet

If you know that pet that your girlfriend loves, it is so cute to get her one as a gift. She will understand that you have her interests at heart. This is more applicable to those women who are so much into animals. You can get her a pup or a kitten or any other thing she will love. You can also get her some to fish and name them for her. It’s advisable to get her something that she will not encounter several problems while taking care of it. Getting her a pet is one of the lovely couple’s to-do list.

6 Sexual Things Do Do With Your Girlfriend

What are the “dirty” or sexual things to do with your girlfriend? Here is the great list for you (You must be at least 18 years old!):

13. Cuddle Her

It is very important to cuddle your girlfriend without giving the excuses of foreplay. Cuddling releases feel-good chemicals that make your woman feel loved and happy. It’s sometimes good to caress her when she least expects if you are looking for sexual things to do with your girlfriend.

14. Offer Her A Sensual Massage

Offering a sensual massage to your best friend can lead to several other things. You will agree with me that touching is one of the best forms of intimacy. A great massage can give you access to all the hot spot parts of her body. An evening massage is among the sexual things you can do with your girlfriend. You can also allow her to massage you if you want to enhance the great experience. You should stay calm and prolong the pleasure. In the case of anything, you should allow her to make the first move.

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15. Kiss Her When She Least Expects

There is nothing that is as romantic as kissing your girlfriend when she least expects. You will arouse a great feeling of intimacy from her heart. Here, I don’t refer to the ordinary lip lock or smack. You need to offer your girlfriend an extended passionate and torrid kiss. If you are bold enough, you can kiss your girlfriend even if you are in the public place. Such a move will excite your girl up to the end. You can use any chance that comes your way to get intimate to your girlfriend by offering her a kiss.

16. Whisper Some Naughty And Sweet Stuff In Her Ears

Whispering will work so well if you are on your way home. It will even be better if you have prepared a delicious dinner, some scattered scented candles in her home or a bubble bath among other romantic activities. Most ladies love to get excited or anticipate over something. The best way to stimulate their desire and hormones is surprises. In your whispers, inform her of your intention to make her jubilant tonight.

17. Take Her Out In A Semi-Public Place

Moving out is the best romantic thing that you can do with your girlfriend if you intend to build some sexual tension between the two of you. It’s good to look forward to getting to your bedroom tonight. You can make out to a get-together or party with your friends. Watching a flick in a lovely movie theater during dinner is one of the best foreplay. You will be getting home when your girlfriend is already on fire. You will find out that it is among the best thing to do with your girlfriend.

18. Get New Ideas

Routinely is good, but it can be boring at some time. It is always good to experiment if you want your love lady to experience some pleasure. You can practice some new positions, and there is nothing wrong in watching some little porn. You need to watch some little porn together and be careful to avoid becoming addicts. Moreover, you can make some public displays with your lover if you are looking for new things to do with your girlfriend. There is no problem when it comes to kissing at any opportunity that comes your way.

What To Do With Your Girlfriend With No Money?

No ideas on what to do with your girlfriend with no money? Below are the top 2 things that you can do together with her.

19. Do Some Silly Things With Her

Not having money does not necessarily imply that you will not have things to do with her. The truth of the matter is that you will lack money at some point in life. In fact, you should not make money to be at the center stage of your relationship. You will discover that you will be happier if you lead a playful life. You can fool around with your lover by whispering in her ear while nibbling it or teasing her. Besides that, you can also watch a whole season show, play games with her, or make a funny home video as you mime to a rock song. You will discover that there are powerful things to do with your wife without spending even a single cent.

20) Spare Time For Her

Having some quality time with your lover is among the most honorable thing to do. You can be so busy with your daily chores until you have no time for yourselves. Choose a quiet place and just relax there both of you. There is no need to spend a lot of time bonding with other men and forget about your woman. There is need to counsel some of those appointments for the sake of your lover. You will discover that she has so much to share with you. It is not necessary to engage in an activity that can divert your attention. You don’t need any monetary resources for you to spend time with your girlfriend.

9 Cheap Of Free Romantic Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

21. Take Her out for a late night free walk

You can decide to take your girlfriend out for a late night free walk. It will give both of you an exciting experience that will not cost anything.

22. Visits A New Park

Check out for a park that both of you have never visited and organize to pay a visit. Both of you will have an amazing experience in this new destination.

23. Kiss Her In Public

Another romantic thing that does not cost you anything is kissing her in public. Your girlfriend will know that you are not ashamed of her.

24. People Watching In The Street

You may just decide to go down with your girlfriend and do some people watching on a busy street.

25. Visit A Museum

You may find several museums in your region having free days. Find out when the best museums in your area have free days and visit with your girlfriend. It’s critical to note that even children museums have a lot of fun for adults.

26. Watch The Sunshine From The Balcony

You could also sit in a strategic place like the balcony and watch the sunshine as you enjoy the beauty of nature with your girlfriend.

27. Visit “2-Dollar” Theater

Check out for what’s playing in a local 2-dollar theater and visit together if there is anything interesting.

28. Watch The Stars Together

You could also decide to go to the middle of nowhere and watch stars with your girlfriend. You will discover that it will cost you nothing to get such an amazing experience.

29. Visit The Beautiful Places

You can look for a beautiful destination and have a photo shooting session with your girlfriend. Make sure that you are just the two of you.

12 Fun Food Ideas To Share With Your Girlfriend

30. Make A Signature Cocktail For Her

You can decide to make a signature cocktail for your girlfriend, and her bit will only be to enjoy the taste. She will feel highly honored from such a service.

31. Take Her For A Food Tour

Taking your girlfriend for a food tour at her favorite spot and make sure she gets a taste of her favorite meal is another thing you can do with your girlfriend.

32. Prepare A Meal For Her

You could also decide to prepare her most favorite meal as she watches.

33. Visit The Nearby Grocery Store

You can go to the nearby grocery store with your girlfriend and shop for those food items that you rarely get and have them for your dinner. Sharing the meal together with her will give you a fabulous experience.

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34. Visit A Unique Restaurant

Another thing is to try a unique restaurant that you have never thought of visiting with your girlfriend and order for a meal that is not common. The experience may develop everlasting memories in your mind.

35. Feed Her The Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

You can also let your girlfriend lie on the coach as you hand feed her chocolate-covered strawberries.

36. Make Some Candies Or Cookies Together

You can also make some candies or cookies together with your girlfriend and share them with friends. Make sure you invite as many friends as possible to make the eating session enjoyable.

37. Prepare A Gourmet Meal Together

You could also find an excellent food video on YouTube or magazine and plan to prepare a gourmet meal together with her. Make sure each of your participates in each section of the cooking process.

38. Join A Cooking Class Together

Joining your girlfriend for a cooking class could also be a fun thing to do together.

39. Get A Brunch Together

You can do the practical together as you have fun. Think of getting a brunch together with your girlfriend if you are looking for a fun food-related thing to do with her.

40. Throw A Surprise Dinner

Another fun thing to do with your girlfriend is to throw a surprise dinner to her just for fun.

41. Take Her For A Brewery

You could also take her for a brewery especially if she has no idea what it entails.

24 Amazing Things To Do With Your Girlfriend In The City

42. Visit A Mini Theater

Book for yourselves a mini theater for a private screening.

43. Visit A Big Town

If your residence is not in the city, give your girlfriend a surprise visit to the nearest big town for a fun outing or nice dinner.

44. Visit The Flea Market

Go with her to a flea market sale.

45. Watch An Intimate Concert

Visit a new venue with your girlfriend and watch an intimate concert together.

46. Private Jacuzzi

Decide to soak your girlfriend in a private Jacuzzi.

47. City Tour

Give your girlfriend a city tour that will allow her to understand your city if she stays in a different region.

48. Visit The Skyscraper

Visit the tallest skyscraper in the city with your girlfriend.

49. Visit A Live Theater

Visit a live theater to find out which comedies or plays are coming through your town. You can find out if there is any that interests you and plan to attend with her.

50. Enjoy The Best Desert Together

Go out for a desert with your girlfriend and make sure you order the best recipe.

51. Visit The Arboretums Or Botanical Garden

You can check out in some arboretums or botanical garden in the city with your girlfriend.

52. Try A Tarot Card Reader Or Crystal Ball Physic

Go for a tarot card reader or crystal ball physic together with your girlfriend.

53. Join A Festival

Find out if there are any festivals that are taking place within the city that you can attend with your girlfriend.

54. Play Karaoke

Go and play Karaoke with your girlfriend. This could be a nice opportunity to explore your singing and dancing talents.

55. Be The Volunteer

Volunteer at a home theater of nursing home together with your girlfriend.

56. Tell Her “What Is Football”!

Introduce her to the amazing world of football if she is not yet a fun.

57. Attend A Public Lecture

You can attend a public lecture in the nearby university or college together with your girlfriend.

58. Play The Arcade Games

Go and have some playing moment in an arcade.

59. Enjoy The Sunset Dinner Cruise

You may choose to go on a sunset dinner Cruise with your girlfriend in the city.

60. Play Bowling Together

You can go for bowling with her as you have a romantic time together.

61. Visit An Amusement Park Or Carnival

Go to an amusement park or carnival within the city with your girlfriend.

62. Mini Golfing

Go mini golfing with your girlfriend.

63. Take Her Our For A Desert

You can choose to take your girlfriend out for a desert.

64. Buy Some Outfits Together

Go and buy some crazy outfits in a thrift shopping with your girlfriend.

65. Play Some Games Together

You may also decide to go out for some games with her. Gaming is one of the best ways you can have fun with your girlfriend while in the city.

9 Active Dating Ideas To Do With Your Girlfriend

66. Take Her For A Picnic

You can rent out a bicycle and take your girlfriend out for a picnic the whole day.

67. Walk Together In The City

Think of walking together in the city with your girlfriend as you explore the environment. Strive to make some few discoveries as you walk around.

68. Try Out A Canoeing Trip

Another fun dating idea to do with your girlfriend is to try out a canoeing trip with her.

69. Join The Fitness Classes

Taking out fitness classes with your girlfriend in an area you have always had passion for is another fun dating idea you can share with your girlfriend.

70. Running Together With Her

You could also decide to go running together with your girlfriend. However, maintain the same pace so that no one remains behind. You will get a lot of fun as you move side by side.

71. Play The Sports Together

Play the sports you like such as soccer, basketball, or Frisbee together with your girlfriend.

72. Play The Online Video Games

You could also decide to go for online video games as long as they entertain both of you.

73. Watch Videos On YouTube Together

You could also watch out some romantic videos on YouTube together with your girlfriend as you take some pope cons, juice or coffee.

74. Go For A Roller Skating Rink

Another choice you could make is that of going for a roller skating rink with your girlfriend. All you need is something that will bring you closer to one another.

11 Creative Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

75. Organize The “Special Days”

Organize particular days for specific activities that will make each day a celebration.

76. Play A Prank On Her

Play a prank on your girlfriend and record it on a video. It can be very interesting to watch her reactions at a later date.

77. Ask Her To Be Your Hairstylist

Allow her to give you a fabulous haircut that both of you will enjoy.

78. Wear Her Clothes

Plan one weekend where you spent at home, and you wear her clothes as she wears yours.

79. Shave Her Legs

Shave her legs in a style that she enjoys most.

80. Paint Her Nails

Paint the nails of your girlfriend using decorations that she will love. You could also introduce some new ideas that will make her marvel.

81. Give Each Other A Makeover

Give makeovers to one another in a style that you would like to see in each other.

82. Clean Up Her Laptop

Offer to clean up or defragment her laptop. She will understand that you care for her valuable assets.

83. Visit A Departmental Store

Go for a departmental store shopping and try attires that you don’t put on.

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84. Go For A Girl’s Night Out

Go for a girl’s night out with your girlfriend and make sure you have a lot of fun together.

85. Make Her A Scavenger Hunt

Make your girlfriend a scavenger hunt that is complete with clues and riddles and assist one another so solve them.

18 Things To Do With Your Girlfriend at Home

86. Model Your Clothes

Model your favorite clothes that you rarely get to wear for each other and put them on as you spend time together in the house.

87. Play Xbox, Wii Or PlayStation

Play with your girlfriend on your Xbox, Wii, or PlayStation just for fun.

88. Read Out The Audio Books

Read out an audio book to one another loudly or choose to listen to one from your audio device.

89. Make Sketches On Her Body

Grab a pen and begin to make romantic sketches on the body of your girlfriend.

90. Build A Fort

Build a fort that resembles the one you used to make while you were kids.

91. Watch A Foreign Comedy

Choose a lazy Sunday and get to watch a foreign comedy that has no subtitles with your girlfriend.

92. Read Your Journals From Childhood

Read your journals from your childhood to one another just in case you have them.

93. Give Her A Foot Massage

Surprise her with an incredible foot reflexology.

94. Share Your Favorite Music Or Video

Share your favorite music or videos with each other as you spend time together.

95. Solve The Quiz Puzzle Together

Solve an a thousand quiz puzzle together with your girlfriend.

96. Record The Videos

You can choose to record videos together with your girlfriend.

97. Join A Marathon Together

Plan a marathon session with your girlfriend of her favorite sitcoms.

98. Share Your Visions To Her

Share the visions you have for the future with each other and see how you can bring them together.

99. Search And Download The Romantic App

Download romantic applications on your phone and hers.

100. Watch Her Childhood Photos

Allow her to share with you the childhood photos that she is still in possession.

101. Exchange The Books With Her

Exchange with her some books that she will love reading at her free time.

102. Dress Up Like Her Favorite Character

Dress up like her favorite character in her favorite movie and have a movie marathon.

103. Do Some Home Improvements With Her

Do some home improvements together by getting ideas for new looks like re-arranging furniture or painting a room together.

13 Artsy Activities To Do With Your Girlfriend

104. Make A Customized Mug

Make a well decorated customized mug that has your photos.

105. Join A Self-Improvement Class

Take a self-improvement or acting class together with your girlfriend.

106. Join The Pottery Classes 

You can take pottery classes together with your girlfriend.

107. Dance With Her

Go for a dance with your girlfriend like hip hop or ball dancing depending on your choice.

108. Make Some Painting With Her

Make some amazing paintings with your girlfriend even on paper.

109. Visit An Art Museum

Go to an art museum and try guessing her favorite pieces and choose for her.

110. Get Her A Photo Shopped Portrait

Get her an incredible photo shopped portrait that she will love.

111. Make Origami

Make origami together with your girlfriend.

112. Compose A Melody

Compose a signature melody for your girlfriend.

113. Weave Her Hair

Weave her hair depending on your favorite style and watch her reaction.

114. Give Her A Digital Scrapbook

Give your girlfriend a digital scrapbook show treat.

115. Make The “Special” T-Shirts

Make T-shirts that have silly sayings for one another.

116. Tweet Her A Poem

Tweet a poem that you specially dedicate to her or post it on her Facebook page.

6 Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend Out Of The City

117. Go For Skiing

You can decide to get out of the city and take your girlfriend skiing.

118. Take Her For A Short Road Trip

If you have been in the city for a long period, you can take your girlfriend for a short road trip on the outskirts of the city.

119. Take Her For A Wine Tasting Session

You could also take your girlfriend for a wine tasting session in a vineyard if you wish to break off from the city life shortly.

120. Visit A Fruit Orchard

Another fun way to get your girlfriend out of the normal city life is to take a to a fruit orchard.

121. Go Camping Together

You could also decide to go camping to a destination that is outside the city.

122. Visit A Nearby Park Or Lake

You can visit a nearby park or lake with your girlfriend and spend the whole day in the outdoors.

8 Unique Gift Ideas To Share With Your Girlfriend

123. Surprise Her A Gift That Not Easy To Guess

Give her a unique gift of a box that is in a box.

124. Give Her A Bottle Of Rare Wine

Getting a bottle of rare wine to your girlfriend is another unique gift idea.

125. Give Her A Fancy Wine Bottle

You could also make an inexpensive bottle of wine look fancy if you can afford an expensive one.

126. Give Her A Basket Of Bath Products

You can get your girlfriend a basket of bath products as a unique gift.

127. Buy Any Gifts For Her Whatever She Wants

If you have some cash, you can take your girlfriend out for shopping and buy for her whatever she wants. However, make sure that her choices are within your budget to avoid embarrassing yourself. You could send your girlfriend exotic flowers such as roses or orchids just to name a few.

128. Give Her A Stone Jewelry

If you have some cash, you could buy her a stone jewelry.

129. Give Her A Stylish Bikini

Another thing you could do is buying your girlfriend a hot and stylish bikini.

130. Give Her A Celebrity Style Of Shoes, Clothing Or Jewelry

You can also get your girlfriend a celebrity style of shoes, clothing or jewelry.


As partners, you need to have an endless list of things to do with your girlfriend. Having such stuff is the only way you will make sure that you add life to your relationship. This article provides you with some suggestions of the things you can do with your girlfriend. Repeating the same things can not only be boring but can also kill your relationship. You can also invent your couple’s to-do list. Doing new things is the only way you can be sure of maintaining an intimate relationship between the two of you.

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