Have you ever comes across a person asking you the question what are you passionate about? Such an individual wants to understand whether you know the reason for your existence. Some people have a problem when it comes to the identification of their passion in life. Finding your passion can prove to be a frustrating experience. Sometimes situations may force you to delay your happiness as you search for your passion.

The advantage of discovering your passion is that it adds meaning to your life. This article focuses on what you are passionate about in your life and career. The primary purpose of this write up is to assist you to discover your purpose in life. The best way to live a fulfilling life is discovering the reason for your existence. The passion forms the basis for your purpose and reason for existence.

What Are You Passionate About

What Are You Passionate About In Life

This section will attempt to answer the question what are you passionate about in life. It presents a list of things that can assist you to discover your passion. Remember there is no school that has a curriculum on how to discover your passion. In addition, you are on the earth for a reason and season. Discovering your passion early enough will shape other aspects of your life such as family and career.

Health and Fitness

The question what are you passionate about may sound irrelevant in your mind. Some people feel frustrated and passionless because they neglect their well-being goals. This is more often when someone is unhappy. This is the best time you can reignite your passion and commitment towards health and fitness. You need to come up with an interesting fitness program that comprises aerobic activities. You will discover that there are several health benefits and fun in regular workouts. Moreover, you can join an online community where you support one another and share your health and fitness goals.

When you feel great physically, it will assist you to feel better emotionally and mentally. Your mind will be ready to discover your passion. You may realize something about yourself, encounter something, or meet someone that leads to your passion. Several individuals discover their passion in life from workouts.

Management Of Finances

You need to build a stable financial basis as you focus on things to be passionate about. In case you are indebted, this is the best moment to start paying your debts. Think of how you can reduce your expenditure as you generate more income from the side. You can read a few books to gain knowledge on how to make a proven financial plan.

You need to re-look into your philosophy regarding spending and money. How much will it cost you to live the life you desire? You need to avoid spending your income unconsciously. Financial preparation is essential for any person who knows his passion and is ready to pursue it. You cannot make the thing you love to be part of your life unless you allocate some resources towards the goal. Financial stability eliminates any fear of doubt that may come your way as you pursue your passion.

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Relationship Health

You can never think of what are you passionate about without looking at your interpersonal relations. Our relationships suffer when we pre-occupy ourselves with things that are going wrong in our lives. This may distance you and make you inattentive to your loved ones. A negative relationship works against the spontaneity and joy of the relationship. Such a negative attitude makes people who are close to us to shy away.

Your close relations form a critical component as you search for your passion. You need to address any challenges within your relationships because they may interfere with the whole process. You need to be proactive as you express your feelings and attitude towards those who love you. Such people can assist you to discover your passion in life.

You could be wondering how health relations can assist you in discovering what you are passionate about. As you get deeper into a specific activity, it may come out to be your passion or lead to towards the discovery of your passion. The process may also expose you to new people, knowledge, and ideas. In fact, the engagement process is a passion in itself. It exposes the person and opens their mind to insights and possibilities they didn’t possess.


You cannot succeed in identifying your passion if you complicate everything. Look into your life and determine whether you have any non-essential stuff. There are several things that may distract you including draining people, tolerating nonsense, demands on your energy and time, clutter, and material possessions just to name a few. You need to be passionate when it comes to de-cluttering your life and simplify it to the most relevant and valuable elements.

Dispose of any material possessions that consume a lot of your time and energy during repair, care, and cleaning. Remember you need more time to concentrate on pursuing your passion. Clean up your computer inbox, clear off your desk, and clean out your closets. Don’t waste a lot of time on things you don’t enjoy or those that stress you up. Avoid hanging around with individuals who are demanding, negative, or difficult to cope with. Make sure you cut down on the time you spend with such people.


The learning process is critical if you want to know what you are passionate about. You can begin by identifying a mild thing and start learning everything about the same. Learning an interesting thing plays a critical role discovering your passion in life. It could be a useful skill such as learning on investment, web design, or a new language just to name a few. You could also go for an enjoyable activity that involves learning through research. Think of some drawing activities, uncovering the family tree or bird watching.

The question is how will this assist in knowing what are you passionate about. Anything that picks your interest becomes your passion. All you need to do is nurturing the activity by gaining more knowledge about the same. You need a lot of practice as you enjoy the learning process. If the activity does not become your passion, it may lead you into one. It may also introduce you to new and interesting ideas, people and knowledge. All these aspects are important when it comes to identifying your passion. The process expands your mind and opens it for greater discoveries.

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This approach plays a critical role in assisting you to search for your person. You will use the extra space, time, and resources from the distractors to concentrate on your passion. It will leave you with enough room to concentrate on your passion. You create enough room for productive activities by doing away with the unnecessary things.

You will realize your passion for life once you start engaging in other activities. Venturing in new fields opens our minds and leads us in our new passion. You need to make good use of your time as you become passionate about these activities.

What Are You Passionate About In Career?

Career choices are critical in the life as you think of what are you passionate about. Have you ever asked yourself what you are passionate about in career? Once you start working, you will discover that you spend most of the time pursuing your career objective. In addition, you spend most of your study time laying the right foundation for your career. Most of the time you are awake you spend either preparing for you career at school or working. Remember you spend very few hours with your family as most of the time spend at home is night.

Imagine you make the wrong career choices? The implication is that you may lead a stressful life for the rest of your life. You need to do something that brings a lot of fulfillment in your career life. Here are some tips that can guide you while making career choices. You will discover that the basis of success in your career is following your passion.

When You Know Your Current Career Is Not Working For You, Start By Quitting!

Some people hate their current jobs but can’t respond when you ask them the things that they passionate about. However, such employees tend to stick to the jobs they hate for a long time. Some people fear to quit their current jobs because they don’t understand what they want to do for a living. This school of thought is not good because you will neither learn nor discover your ideal job or career by just relaxing and thinking about the same. If you are not enjoying your current job, you need to start by finding something else. Most people avoid quitting because of the fear of the unknown. However, you have to undertake some moderate risks if you wish to peruse your career goals.

You need to quit your current employment as you figure out the next move. When you are not sure of what you are going to do, you need to have some savings for your upkeep in the short run. The advantage of living prematurely is that it forces you to search for the next opportunity. You may also find new ideas on beginning your own business. Make sure you align your career to your passion if you want to live a happy life.

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Follow Your Curiosity

Even if you may not have a clear vision for your career objective, you may be curious about some obvious things. This may guide you in responding to the question what are you passionate about? The advantage of following your curiosity is that it assists you to uncover the less obvious interests. Remember your interests tap into your unique motivations and thus separating you from other people. Pursuing your interests set you on the path of unlocking your potential and working on your creativity.

Most of these things may appear to be downright frivolous and pragmatic. You can enroll for some part-time classes as you pursue your curiosity. Start thinking of what you would do if you had the resources you desire at hand. Identify what you are curious about and follow it diligently. This is a critical step if you want to pursue career goals that you are passionate about. You need to pay close attention to the inner person as you pursue your career objectives.

Never Take Money To Be Your Primary Consideration

Most people generate minimal incomes in the initial stages of their careers. In fact, you may end up spending more than what you earn for some time. In the case of a business, it always takes time before breaking even. You may get discouraged along the way if you place money top on your priority list. You need to take finances as a secondary thing especially if you want to pursue what you are passionate about.

The advantage is that you will obviously get greater rewards in the long run. You should get more motivation from the activity and not the rewards. It is better to earn small amounts but enjoy what you are doing. Getting to do what you are passionate about can really get tough if you put money as the primary consideration. The secret is to follow your curiosity and not to be in a hurry to make big gains.


From this passage, it’s clear that you will lead a meaningless life if you don’t have a passion in life. Passion adds a passion to your life and gives you a reason to face tomorrow. The main question that this article answers is what are you passionate about. The main intention is to provide you with tips that can assist you to discover your passion in life and career. You can still get more information from a motivation speaker or other sites. However, you now have a strong basis that you can apply in discovering your passion. Aligning your passion to your life and career will make you live a comfortable and happy life on earth. Most people live under stress because they do what they don’t enjoy.

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