What are you thankful for? Most people find themselves focusing on what they don’t have rather than what they have. It’s a good thing to take some time and think about what you need to be thankful for. You will discover that there is an endless list of what we need to be grateful for even though we take most of these things for granted.

What Are You Thankful For

Life Challenges

One thing to note is that the challenges that come your way work towards making you a better person. You will only become grateful if you concentrate on the lessons you learn from challenging moments. In addition, you can’t be the person you are now if you have no challenges come your way. You will also discover that you learn so much from the mistakes you make in life.

The Little Achievements in Life

People make so many accomplishments in life and take them for granted. You will appreciate some of these things when you miss them at some point. The fact that you went out and came back safely is not a guarantee. Imagine doing your daily chores without causing any harm to your body. Learn to appreciate anything that comes your way, however, small it may appear.

Family Members and Friends

You may not have all the money you are looking for in life, but friends and relatives are a great resource. In fact, having people around you is more important that having money. There are things people can do for you that money cannot. Having individuals who love and care for you is a great resource that no amount of money can buy.

You may find some of these people willing to teach you a new thing. Apart from standing with you in times of need, they may add some value in your life. In case you have children or a spouse, remember some people have been searching for them for several decades with no success. If you have parents, remember the world has millions of widows and orphans. Learn to thank God for the people that he allows to come your way.

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If you are still wondering what are you thankful for, the fact that you are breathing today is enough reason to give thanks. Remember there is someone who is struggling with his last breath on a life support machine. You must understand that it is very expensive to get support to breath yet you breathe free of charge. Just visiting the sick in their hospital beds and you will discover that you have all the reasons to say thank you. In case you are unwell, you are far much better than the dead. Its paramount to always give thanks for the life you have.

Beauty of Nature

Think of the beauty of creation and just learn to give thanks. Nature presents several opportunities your way. Think of the swimming and hiking experience, the breathing of fresh air, basking in the sunshine, rainbows, and mountains, fishing in the rivers, sunsets, oceans, and the songs from the birds. You can learn to give thanks by just focusing on nature.

A Place you can call Home

Some people don’t have a place they can call home. Having a roof over your head enhances a sense of security and safety for any individual. It is an excellent thing to be in a position to wake up without immense fears in your life. Having a house will make you sleep with a lot of confidence.


Thinking of what are you thankful for yet you have a career? It may not be your dream career, but at least you have something that brings food to your table. You will find your dream job with time as long as you are patient. Do what you have with all your heart and other things will follow. Remember several people are searching even for the least paying job, but they don’t find.

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Opportunity to get Education

An opportunity to get some form of education is a chance most people don’t have. Maybe you have not attained the level of education you desire just be thankful for what you already have. You can develop from there to achieve what you long for in life. Learning is a continuous process, and you need to appreciate what you have before you can look for more. Having the ability to read is a great privilege in the life of any individual.

Online community

Not all people around the world enjoy the online community. Online communities have several benefits to the life of the participants. You will get to meet new friends and learn a lot of new things. Since someone has no access to this online community because of poor internet connectivity, you have all the reasons to give thanks.


Still wondering what are you thankful for? Walk around the world, and you will come across people who have no freedom of religion, expression, or even voting. You may have the right to express yourself, yet you take some of these things for granted. Some people in this world don’t have the freedom to worship whoever they wish. It is also a great privilege to be able to express your feelings and thoughts in a free manner. Staying like a prisoner in your country is something you may not long to have.


Still wondering what are you thankful for yet you have some assets. Think of your electronics, car, land, house plus any other possession that adds value to your life. Some people are languishing in poverty yet you have a few assets to be proud of. There is someone who has nothing in this life and spends his night on the streets. Be thankful on any small thing that you buy or inherit from your parents.

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Hearing and Seeing

How many people in this world are deaf or blind? The fact that you can see or hear is reason enough to be thankful. Ability to undertake your daily chores without any obstacles should create a culture of gratitude from within. It’s a great opportunity that most people take for granted.

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Written By: OKLifeCoaching's Editorial Team


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