There are so many individuals who do not understand what to do when bored. Do you know that boredom is a disease that can destroy both the body and the spirit? It is very unproductive just to sit down around the house without knowing what to do. There is an extensive list of things you can do to cure boredom irrespective of where you are. The most appropriate cure for boredom depends on your current environment and what you like doing most or your hobby. This article focuses on what to do when you are bored at home, with friends, in class, at work and night.

What To Do When Bored

What To Do When Bored - Top 8 Things You Can Do

No ideas on what to do when bored? You should know that boredom makes your spirit be down, and the only cure is to lift it up. Here are the top 8 things that you can do when you are bored.

Things To Do When Bored #1: Listening To Music

Things To Do When Bored

The first thing that you can do is listening to music (if you are one of the music enthusiasts around). You will agree with me that music can lift up your spirit more than anything else. The advantage of listening to music is that you can get access to it anywhere even when walking via your headphones. Watching an excellent program on your television can also assist in curing boredom. We have several individuals who simply watch their favorite video program and the boredom fades. The only challenge with watching television is that it confines you in one place, and this may be more boring.

Things To Do When Bored #2: Read A Newspaper

Read A Newspaper

Another important thing to do when bored is to read a newspaper. Going through the dailies is very productive because it does not only allow you pass time but also increases your awareness. It assists you to divert your attention from the current boring state to a more meaningful engagement. You may come across information that may improve your overall well-being. You can also play mind-stretching games like cards, chess, and Scrabble if you want to get rid of boredom.

Things To Do When Bored #3: Do Some Exercises

Do Some Exercises

You can also eliminate boredom by doing some exercises. You may not feel like exercising but just try a few stretching exercising and jumping jacks. The advantage of physical activities is that apart from diverting your attention, it also relaxes your muscles and reduces fatigue. Exercises are among the best cures for boredom because it improves blood circulation and enhances oxygen supply in the blood vessels. Even simple exercises followed by a cold shower can you make feel very fresh.

Things To Do When Bored #4: Having An Aroma Therapy Or Bubble Bath

Having An Aroma Therapy Or Bubble Bath

You can also cure boredom by having an aroma therapy or bubble bath. Such a bath is among the best ways of relaxing or rejuvenating.

Things To Do When Bored #5: Chat With Family And Friends

Chat With Family And Friends

You can use such dull moments to chat with family and friends through the internet. The advantage of this mode of communication is that it is a cost effective way of communication. Talking to friends online can assist in drifting your thoughts from the dull state.

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Things To Do When Bored #6: Play Online Games

Play Online Games

You can also decide to play some online games. Several websites offer exciting free games to the users. These games also assist to boost your levels of intelligence.

Things To Do When Bored #7: Start Your Personal Blog

Start Your Personal Blog

You can also break boredom by beginning a personal blog. This technology will help you to connect with new people on a daily basis. You will always have something new to learn every day.

Things To Do When Bored #8: Making A List Of Things To Do Before You Die

Making A List Of Things To Do Before You Die

You can also go crazy by making a list of things you wish to achieve before you die. This approach may sound weird, wild, or stupid but it’s very healthy.

What To Do When Bored At Home?

What to do when bored at home? There are so many things that can make you feel bored at home. You don’t necessarily have to get out of your house for you to cure the boredom. You can decide to listen to some nice music or watch your favorite program just within in the house. I have come across several individuals who eliminate boredom by just creating a new recipe. You don’t necessarily have to cook, but you can just try out your personal recipe. You need to be very creative and experiment with several ingredients. This process will engage your mind until you are no longer thinking of what is boring you.

What To Do When Bored At Home

Are you still thinking of what you can do when bored at home? You can use this opportunity to groom your pet. Spend some time with your pet by just playing or feeding him or her. A pet is something you adore and putting all attention to it cannot create any room for boredom.

I have friends who reduce stress at home by only cleaning their houses and compound. Think of that great cleaning activity you have been longing for, but there is little or no time. The cleaning process will reduce the boredom to manageable levels. After completion, the achievement you record can drive away any traces of boredom that was still residing in your mind. This exercise is a productive way of making sure that you deal with any negative thoughts.

You can also create your personal song and sing it aloud in your room. Make sure you enjoy the lyrics because they matter a lot. If you can encourages clauses that can minister to your situation, make sure you include them in your song. Sing the song aloud with no fear of critics even if you have a bad tone. Another thing to do when bored at home is to prepare a meal for your family members. You can either decide to cook what they like or the delicious meal you enjoy. It will keep you busy, and you cannot tell how fast time will move. You can also decide to do your laundry at this moment. It may be tiresome, but it will keep you busy and engage your mind.

If possible, you can give yourself a yummy dessert treat at home or in the nearby restaurant. Forget about your current situation and appreciate yourself. You can also decide to bake some cookies or cakes and share with your family. Some people find gardening to be very rejuvenating. You can use this time to do some farming to break the boredom. Another thing to do is to reorganize your wardrobe. Create your personal jewelry by matching and mixing. There is a way you can get a new outfit from your current clothes.

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You can also break boredom by making a list of what you wish to purchase from the supermarket or grocery. Planning will not only break boredom but also assist you in saving time and money. It will be like killing two birds with one stone. You can also take some photography of your family and compound. It may sound crazy, but the thing is that you will be busy doing something.

You can also decide to have some dance in your room. Play your favorite CD and try out your best moves. Be creative enough and come up with new dancing styles. You can also sit next to a window as you admire a cup of coffee as you appreciate nature. You should feel your thoughts with the beauty of creation, and you will find yourself active once more.

What To Do When Bored With Friends?

What to do when bored with friends? If your current friends have bored you and you don’t feel like talking to them, you can cure this by calling or talking to your longtime friend or family member. Talk to someone you wish to meet but is far and you will appreciate those who are around you. You can also take some time off and sit in a quiet place to allow you to meditate. Think of the good times that you have had with your friends in the past. Think of the primary objectives of your friendship. Imagine what you can achieve as a team that an individual can’t. The boredom will begin to fade away as you appreciate the role of friendship in your life.

What To Do When Bored With Friends

When you are bored because of friends, you can decide to watch some comedies. Such videos will keep you laughing and eliminate any form of boredom. You can also keep yourself busy by designing and creating a personal website. You can also decide to re-organize your bookshelf and dust the books. You can also choose to watch your old movies as you munch on some snacks. It’s good to spend some time alone and plan for your future. Friends are good but spending time alone is imperative.

What To Do When Bored In Class?

Most people have no idea of what to do when bored in class. One way to find a solution is by writing a short story. Think of a simple plot and its characters and then put down a beautiful short story. Your mind will begin to search for the best ideas to include in the plot thus eliminating all forms of boredom in class. You can also read an excellent book, and if you don’t have one in the school bag, you can download a digital one. There are two sites I highly recommend and this includes "Mashable" and "HongKiat." You will have to choose a topic that interests you and then downloads the book that will engage you appropriately.

What To Do When Bored In Class

We have so much in the body of knowledge that researchers have not found out. You can break boredom by doing some research on the topics that interest you. You will get a lot of contentment from the new facts you will discover. You can use these dull moments to learn a new skill. It can either be academic or non-academic as long as it adds value to your life. Such skills include pottery, web design, video, and sound editing just to name a few. You will keep your mind busy, and the boredom will disappear naturally.

What To Do When Bored At Work?

If you don’t know what to do when bored at work, just attempt the crossword puzzle that is in the daily newspaper. Remember working hours belong to your employer and you don’t need to use a lot of it in curing boredom. The challenge is that you will not be productive if you just don’t feel like working. Daily puzzles are simple activities that you can try out while you continue with your daily chores. This activity engages your mind and sweeps away all form of boredom.

What To Do When Bored At Work

You can also eliminate boredom at work by just browsing the web and going through your emails. You can come across several articles that are interesting to read. You can also come across very engaging materials as you randomly search the web and this can keep you very busy.

What To Do When Bored At Night?

It’s hard to know what to do when bored at night because you have limitations on movement and communication. You can also not go on calling or visiting friends at night. The best cure for boredom is to take a deep sleep. Sound sleeping will make your mind rest from all the daily struggles and worries. You wake up when you are very fresh and ready to face another day. However, there are sometimes you want to sleep but you just can’t. At this moment, I will advise you to listen to some soothing music or watch an interesting video or program. However, you should not interfere with other family members who could be asleep. Engage your mind until you reach a point where you feel you can now have some rest.

What To Do When Bored At Night

You can also use this time to create a card for your loved ones. It is very silent at night, and this can be the best time to get the best words to input in the card. This process can be emotional, but it is very effective in breaking the boredom. You can also use this time to play your piano but at a low volume.


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The primary cause of boredom is a state of mind that is exhausted due to the prevailing conditions. It’s like your mind not only stops but is also not willing to work during dull conditions. The best idea of things to do when you are bored is engaging your mind with what you like doing most. There are several exercises in this article that can assist you to engage your thoughts productively. If you try them out but record no positive results, you should seek the services of a professional counselor. Remember boredom is very dangerous as it can lead to stress.

Written By: Editorial Team
Written By: OKLifeCoaching's Editorial Team

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